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Burton Acoustix

Experience The Difference

We are a people-driven brand, creating products you can trust with Aesthetics and Performance that actually make a difference.


We believe that the acoustic panels you use should look good,  feels good and enhances sound in places you use them so you can come into a space and feel confident and comfortable, everyday. 

That's why we offer premium acoustic panels at accessible prices. Free global express shipping too!

Oh, did we also mention that we do custom order at no additional cost?

We Are Burton Acoustix

The Safe and Sustainable Choice for Acoustic Panels

👇See How Our Great-Looking Acoustic Wall Decor That Works Are Made, Sustainably👇

🌟 What Makes A Burton Acoustix Type Panel?🌟

Why Our Acoustic Panels Are The Clear Choice





Effectively reduce up to 80% of sound passing through it.

Converting 12 plastic bottles from landfills per sq ft of Acoustic Panels

No Foul Smell. No Toxic Chemicals. No Formaldehyde. 

Easy To Install with just 3M VHB tapes for temporary usage

"A shield against echoes and reverbs that brings tranquility to your space"

Join The Cause: Get Your Great-Looking Acoustic Panels That Saves The Earth Today


Every square feet of acoustic panels removes 12 plastic bottles from landfills and oceans. 

Not only are our acoustic panels great-looking, they also perform better than other types of acoustic panels that are in the market today. 

Beware of other acoustic panels that release harmful chemicals when you use indoors, our acoustic panels are made without any adhesives and therefore does not release any foul smell, harmful gases and even formaldehyde indoors.

Safe to use, even in nurseries. 

Join the cause and get these acoustic panels today!

Looking to Partner?

We are passionate about connecting with organizations, people, and communities who are like minded and looking to make a difference in their communities.

If you are an interior designer, affiliate marketers, influencers: 

Contact us with inquiries, requests, and or recommendations.


We are happy to hear from you.

Mission: Providing High-Quality, Great-Looking Acoustic Products That Are Safe For Even Babies

Traditional acoustic panels either looks bad, smells bad, or have poor acoustic absorption performance. 


That's what many of our customers feedback to us when they are shopping for sound-absorbing solutions to help with their echoes, reverbs, and unwanted noises. 

That's why we created Burton Acoustix to help with searching for a better material with good absorption performance,  create many possibilities, and safe for indoor and outdoor uses.

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