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Acoustic Headboard

Discover the benefits of a peaceful sleeping environment with our collections of acoustic headboards. 

These stylist and functional pieces of furniture are designed to reduce noise levels, making them perfect for anyone who lives in urban areas or want to create a more tranquil bedroom. 


Made with our sustainable sound-absorbing materials, these acoustic headboard helps lighten up the mood in your bedroom and prep you ready for sleep.

Noise Reducing

Made Sustainably

Safe For Families

Easy To Install

Acoustic Headboard

Designed for your bedroom, our acoustic headboard is a stylish and functional piece of furniture created to add a touch of elegance to your bedroom and helps reduce noise levels inside the bedroom. 

Our acoustic panel headboard is made with polyester, which is a  sound-absorbing headboard material that can absorb unwanted sound waves and also keep the bedroom ambience for sleeping to the maximum.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I use Acoustic Tile As Headboard?

Yes, acoustic art panels work as they are made from the same material as your acoustic panels. When acoustic art panels are made from materials such as polyester felt, fiberglass and mineral wool - They have sound-absorbing capabilities that can help reduce up to 80% of the sound waves that passes through.


That is what Burton Acoustix's art acoustic panels set out to do. 

What Headboard To Use For Adjustable Bed

Try using acoustic panel headboard for your adjustable bed.

They are very thin (but very dense) at 9mm and available in most sizes - They are the best functional and aesthetically pleasing headboard that can be installed easily on the wall without hassle and most importantly NOT affecting the bed when you are shifting it flat. 

​Oh, did we mention that it's felt so it's soft to the skin and easily cleanable with wet cloth? - No mould included 🤣

Why Is Headboard Important? 

A headboard can serve several important purposes in a bedroom.


First, it can be a decorative element that adds to the overall style and ambiance of the room. A well-chosen headboard can complement the decor of the room and provide a focal point for the bed.

Second,  it can serve as a backrest for reading or watching TV in bed.

Finally, a headboard can provide added comfort and support.

Depending on the type of headboard you choose, it can provide a soft surface to lean against or a solid surface to support your back while you're sitting up in bed.

Overall, a headboard can be an important and functional addition to a bedroom, providing both practical benefits and aesthetic appeal.

Do You Have To Attach Headboard To Bed Frame?

No you don't have to if you are using Burton Acoustix sound absorbing headboard. 

Just install them easily with 3M VHB tapes onto the wall and viola! 

You get your headboard just this quick. No hassle.

Does A Headboard Reduce Noise?

Yes. A headboard reduces noise if you are using sound absorbing headboard, acoustic headboard, acoustic panel headboard or noise cancelling headboard.

Basically, headboard made with sound absorbing material will reduce noise in the room as they can reduce up to 80% of sound waves that passes through them. 

Burton Acoustix's headboard uses polyester fibers to be heatpressed and cut into different shapes as a headboard. 

Not only do they reduce noise, they also improve visual elements in your room and set the mood in your bedroom. 

Oh, and they are free of foul smell and formaldehyde - Safe for even babies to use. 

How To Stop Headboard From Making Noise?

A noisy headboard can be an annoying problem that disrupts your sleep. Here are some tips to help you stop your headboard from making noise:


1. Tighten the bolts and screws: Loose bolts and screws can cause the headboard to rattle or squeak. Use a wrench or screwdriver to tighten any loose hardware.

2. Add padding: If your headboard is banging against the wall, or if it's rubbing against the bed frame, adding some padding can help reduce the noise. Try adding felt pads or rubber bumpers between the headboard and the wall or bed frame. You can try using our acoustic panels which will not only reduce the rubbing against the wall but also improve noise in the room.


3. Lubricate the joints: If your headboard has joints that are rubbing against each other, applying some lubricant can help reduce the noise. Try using a silicone-based lubricant or a spray lubricant designed for metal parts.


4. Check the wall brackets: If your headboard is mounted to the wall, check to make sure the brackets are secure and tight. If they're loose, tighten them or replace them with more secure brackets.

5. Consider a noise-reducing pad: Some companies make noise-reducing pads that can be placed between the headboard and the wall. These pads are designed to absorb sound and reduce vibrations, which can help eliminate noise.

Do Headboards Help With Noise


Yes. A headboard helps with noise if you are using a sound absorbing headboard, acoustic headboard, acoustic panel headboard or noise-cancelling headboard.


Using a sound absorbing headboard, the echoes and reveberations can be treated in a room that is echoey just by applying a side of the wall.


Use our headboard and you can pin important notes or your favourite superstar to your headboard and have sweat dreams with them 😉

Can I Add A Headboard To My Bed

Yes, you can add a headboard to your bed no matter how small is your room. 

With just 9mm (0.36 inch) of thickness, our acoustic tile headboard is the best headboard that you can wish for. Slim but dense, sound absorbing and visually pleasing - These acoustic panels change the sound profile and also ambience of a room instantly. 

Easy to install with just 3M VHB as a bonus. 

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