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Soundproofing Panels

Soundproofing panels that reduces up to 30 decibels of sound passing through.

Good for walls, doors, celilings.

Noise Reducing

Made Sustainably

Safe For Families

Easy To Install

Do You Have Issues With Thin Shared Walls?


Most walls have empty cavities that allow easy transmission of noise through them and amplify the noise while they pass through the empty cavities. 

Think of that empty thin can when you apply force to it. 


You not only hear the tinging of the tin can as you apply the force but also does the "tinging" gets amplified in an empty tin can as compared to a tin can that is filled full with biscuits or or coffee powder.

Here Is Our Solution For Your Unwanted Noise


Our soundproofing panels are made from high-quality, three layers of materials that absorbs sound and reduce noise levels.

They are designed to be easy to install and can be used in a variety of settings.

Including homes, offices, recording studios and more. 

Reduce Up To 30 Decibels (dB)

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Apply these superdense honeycomb soundproofing panels to your shared walls with a neighbor or an adjacent room and flushed manner to achieve up to 30 dB reduction of sound passing through. 

The honey-comb-shaped holes in the rubber layer trap sound and cause sound waves to travel slower in them, therefore helping reduce noise transmission across the walls.

Helps regain your quality of life.

Soundproofing Panels For Noise Reduction

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Looking for a solution to reduce the noise heard through shared walls with your neighbors or adjacent rooms?


Our well-designed soundproofing panels for walls are the perfect solution.


Say goodbye to unwanted noise and enjoy a peaceful environment with our high-quality soundproofing panels.

Burton Acoustix's SoundProofing Panels:

Soft & Hard Layers Of Sound Absorption Materials

Polyester Felt + Nitrile Butadiene Rubber for the sound absorption of airborne and impact noises.

Reduce impact noises (knocking) and airborne noises (TV, Conversations) with these soundproofing panels.

Made to be a nemesis of neighbor nuisance, these soundproofing panels reduce more than 20dB of noise. 

That's 85% of noise in a given space!

Functional Aesthetically

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Wait no more, shop now!

Best soundproofing panels that combine functionality with aesthetics. 

We guarantee that these are the best sound insulation panels that you can find anywhere.


Challenge us!

Available In 5 Different Colors

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Blend in with existing interior designs and have no need to repaint your walls or change the furniture. 

Choose from 5 modern colors that are perfect for any type of interior design.

Functionality + Aesthetic:


Best soundproofing panels for your homes, offices and restaurants.

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