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Art Acoustic Panels

Unique and creative ways enhance both the acoustics and aesthetics of a room. 


These sound absorbing acoustic art panels are designed to perform the same function as traditional acoustic panels, absorbing sound waves to reduce echoes and reverberations while also adding visual strikes to any space.


Adds to specific theme or mood to a room

Noise Reducing

Made Sustainably

Safe For Families

Easy To Install

Art Acoustic Panels

Our sound absorbing acoustic art are designed to provide effective sound absorption while adding a touch of creativity and style to your space.

Made from sustainable material that helps save the earth, whether you're outfitting a home theater, music room, or even offices, our art acoustic panels provide superior sound absorption and a unique visual element that will enhance your space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do Acoustic Art Panels Work?

Yes, acoustic art panels work as they are made from the same material as your acoustic panels. When acoustic art panels are made from materials such as polyester felt, fiberglass and mineral wool - They have sound-absorbing capabilities that can help reduce up to 80% of the sound waves that passes through.


That is what Burton Acoustix's art acoustic panels set out to do. 

Will Canvas Art Absorb Sound?

Yes, canvas art can absorb sound if they have sound absorbing materials under the canvas. 

Sound absorbing materials such as mineral wool, fiberglass wool and polyester fibers can help reduce the sound passing through the canvas. 


Alternatively, you can look at sound absorbing acoustic art panels like ours that can also reduce sound when placed inside a room or an interior space.